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Protect your web app from sophisticated attacks



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Protect your web app from sophisticated attacks


Web Application Firewall

✓ Behavioural analysis

✓ No administration

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Optimizing your web protection

Immediate integration

Operational deployment in less than 15 minutes, supervised by our teams.

No administration

Automatic updating of rules and new attack scenarios.

Artificial Intelligence

Save your teams valuable time with automatic safety rule updates.

Save time and money

Save your teams valuable time with AI.

Blocking threats

Effective protection against the most sophisticated Zero-day attacks.

Artificial Intelligence studies user behavior as they move through your application, and deduces typical behavior.

All analysis is automated and seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure you have deployed.

The predictive engine’s set of security rules is continuously updated to always provide you with simple, fast and automated protection.

Immediate integration
No administration
Artificial Intelligence
Save time and money
Blocking threats

Web protection optimization

Artificial intelligence analyzes the behavior of users on your application and deduces a typical behavior. The analysis is automated and integrated into your infrastructure.

The security rules of the AI are continuously updated in order to offer a simple, fast and automated protection.

AI for your web security


Security indicators

Protect your applications against any attacks

AI and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) prevention provide the required protection against the most advanced attacks.

You are automatically protected against all OWASP-referenced attacks and unknown attacks detected through behavioral analysis.

Automatic update of security rules

Automatically track attacks

Artificial Intelligence was designed to be administration-free.

Through Machine Learning, its learning process is getting more efficient with more usage time.

AI optimizes the security level of your web application and limits the false positives.

Étudiez en détail vos logs

Detailed logs

Study your logs in detail

View detailed logs of all user and AI behavior.

Apply filters (IP, country, date, type of action) to extract and analyze your logs.

For each of these logs, you’ll understand how the WAF thinks and makes decisions.

IA & Machine Learning

Save time with behavioral analysis

The WAF will analyze and model user behavior in real time, and associate a dynamic score throughout the user’s journey.

AI analyzes threats and suspicious behavior in order to implement new protection scenarios and achieve continuous improvement in security levels.


Rapid return on investment

Save time and money

Artificial Intelligence brings you real technical gains, as you save precious time on the administration of security rules, time spent on training, time spent debugging…

This time-saving translates into a significant financial gain compared with the cost of a day’s work by a safety engineer or FTE (full-time equivalent).

Take full advantage of new technologies, simply and easily.

No settings, no installation

WAF deployment made easy

Once activated, our Web Application Firewall (WAF) uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to autonomously protect your web applications.

Deployment is rapid (CNAME redirection), so you don’t have to change host or infrastructure. v6Protect’s technical teams are there to support you.


Ready to protect your applications?

Definition of a typical route

In addition to the OWASP rules, the AI analyzes users’ browsing behavior to detect suspicious behavior.

Attack detection

The AI assesses the trustworthiness of requests according to a wide range of criteria, and perfectly distinguishes between attacks and normal behavior.

Adapting to change

AI and Machine Learning adapt to website changes and continue to capitalize on recorded scenarios.

Continuous learning

Artificial Intelligence learns from new threats and suspicious behavior to implement new protection scenarios.


The ban will enter a cycle ranging from 60 to 180 seconds to discourage attackers, while remaining discreet about the reasons for disconnection from the site.

SSL certificate and
anti DDoS

As soon as WAF is activated, we manage and offer :
– SSL certificate
– DDoS protection
– 360° protection

OWASP Top 10
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
Common Platform Enumeration (CPE™)