Security policy

Security & Compliance

Make sure you protect your data, your applications and benefit from the best security indicators

Security policy

As a security company, we care about the security of your data and our own. We like to be transparent about our security policies and practices.

We have deployed a security policy based on:

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) 
ISO 27017 (Code of practice for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002 for Cloud services) 

The security of your data and our platform are a priority. We work with all the necessary best practices and security measures.

Network and infrastructure protection
Anti-DDoS Protection
Next-Gen WAF Protection
Data Transport Security
Data Encryption
Strong, encrypted passwords
And much more!

IT hosting and infrastructure reliability

v6Protect infrastructure was designed with a focus on resiliency. Every hardware component within the system is redundant and can be swapped out in the event of failure. Each logical group of physical servers or VMs is organized into clusters to allow for continuity of service in the event of a machine failure, temporarily accommodating the additional load on the available machines.

High availability: datacenters, servers, networks, security components and applications (...), 
Network and database load balancing, 
Storage resilience, 
Data backup and retention time management, 
Redundancy of data centers in France 


A personal data management system has been put in place to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data privacy

v6Protect is a 100% French company not subject to the US Patriot Act. v6Protect manages its platforms in datacenters physically located in France (SaaS).

Data stored in France
French hosting
100% French solution
Independent compagny

Accessible cybersecurity

What is cybersecurity?

The evolution of technologies and their application by users imposes a perpetual adaptation of cybersecurity in order to limit the threats on the Internet. It has become vital for individuals but especially for companies that have sensitive databases in their information systems. To ensure cybersecurity, efforts must be made on the entire information system and apply the rules of the DICT.


Availability is the characteristic of an information to be accessible and usable by its authorized recipient at the place and time it is intended: a controlled availability.


Integrity is the characteristic of an information to be modified only by authorized persons and according to a defined process: controlled modifications.


Confidentiality is that characteristic of information that is only accessible to those who are authorized: a controlled distribution list.


Traceability is the feature that keeps track of the state and movements of information: a record of the traces.

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