Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)​

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

The v6Protect platform allows many actors (IT Experts, Consulting Firms, Ethical Hackers, …) to accompany their clients over the long term beyond a simple one-time intervention.

Offer efficient and automated follow-up to your clients

v6Protect allows to unify, on a single platform, the detection and exposure to new risks as well as the real-time protection of exposed applications.

The monitoring and reporting tools allow you to communicate transparently on the monitoring of vulnerabilities and web attacks to your teams and/or your customers.

and automated tracking

v6Protect unifies detection and exposure to new risks, as well as real-time protection of exposed applications, on a single platform.

Management and reporting tools enable you to communicate transparently on vulnerability and web attack monitoring to your teams and/or customers.


Single view

Manage all your customers' applications from a single interface. Each customer benefits from a view of his dedicated environment.

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Automatically send customized safety reports on your behalf to your customers.


Automatically communicate and transmit relevant indicators to your customers throughout the year.
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Keep in touch with your customers through automated monitoring of their web risks


Service quality

Provide high quality of service and continuous application protection

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Strengthen your customers’ trust through an innovative SaaS solution