Risk Management : Web App Vulnerability

Automate the monitoring of vulnerabilities

External Attack

Surface Management

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Efficient monitoring of your vulnerabilities

Automate the monitoring of your vulnerabilities

External Attack

Surface Management

✓ Automatic regular analysis

✓ Detecting risks

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Identify critical technologies and components exposed on the Internet.


Monitor changes and risk levels in real time.


Rank your risks and prioritize your safety action plan over time.


Easily deploy your patches and remediation actions.


Track and monitor the compliance of all your web applications.

External Exposure and Attack Surface Management (EEASM) consists in continuously analyzing and searching for new vulnerabilities.

In a Pen Testing as a Service (PTaS) logic, Web App Vulnerability automates the detection, monitoring and remediation of your risks (External Attack Surface Vulnerability).

In line with Gartner. recommendations, the solution provides continuous monitoring of your application security


Automate your risk monitoring



Map your attack surface in real time

Automatically and continuously update the exposure level of your web applications, giving you a view similar to that of an attacker (Attack Surface Discovery).

The analysis indexes all detected technical components, from CMS to JavaScript libraries, including associated versions.

You thus recover the surfacing of your web assets visible and exposed to attacks as well as the security information necessary for decision-making (discovery – prioritization – study).

Detect 02

Detect and contextualize your vulnerabilities

Identify in real time the level of risk through a complete analysis :

Surface d'attaque
Scan ports Top 100
Configuration web de l’application web
Scan web intrufis (OWASP Top 10 et plus)

Web App Vulnerability gives you a precise state of usable vulnerabilities in your environment.

No more blind spots, monitor your vulnerabilities and get a continuous global view of your security level.

Priorisez votre plan de remédiation

Prioriser 03

Prioritize your remediation plan

Identify security vulnerabilities and assess the impact of a potential attack thanks to dynamic ranking (CVSS Score, EPSS, KEV, MITRE ATT&CK).

This information enables you to quickly identify the criticality of a vulnerability according to the technology used and its attack vector.

Your applications are prioritized in order of importance and business impact.

Remedy 04

Easily retrieve your patches

Share access with all your teams and partners.

This will give them access to patches and security recommendations.

and the time allocated to monitoring your patch management and security action plan.

Schedule your team’s remediation actions over time.


Piloter 05

Easily manage your compliance

Control the security of your web applications in a simple and intuitive way through an overview. Then focus on the most critical applications.

Alerts let you know as soon as a new risk appears.

All the indicators are brought together to enable you to make decisions quickly and in line with the desired security policy (audit, penetration test, etc.).

Keep in touch with your customers, teams and partners through consolidated security indicators and a “Cyber-rating” vision.

Ready to protect your applications?

Vulnerability detection

Analysis of the application surface and detection of obsolete technologies and critical application components exposed to attacks.

No installation

Web App Vulnerability analyzes and qualifies vulnerabilities associated with detected technologies, and is ready to use in just a few minutes.

Ongoing risk assessment

Meticulously assess your attack surface as well as the risks associated with your exposure and the impact on applications through Security Score.

corrective actions

Classification of vulnerabilities by criticality level. Simplified decision-making based on importance and potential impact.

Centralization of corrective patches

A centralized interface for all patches to be applied to your servers. Saves time for production teams.

Safety level

Ongoing verification of the positive impact of corrective actions taken, the security level of your web application, and your compliance with ISO 27001.

Optimized vulnerability monitoring

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) consists of continuously analyzing and searching for new vulnerabilities.

Through three complementary views, you detect, monitor and remediate your vulnerabilities. Get a map of your exposed attack surface and your associated risks.

OWASP Top 10
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
Common Platform Enumeration (CPE™)
OWASP Top 10
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)