Manage your updates

Manage the update of your application assets

The non-intrusive identification of obsolete and critical technologies allows you to list security vulnerabilities. You set up an update management system in a simple and automated way.

Identify weaknesses in the application chain

The classification of your vulnerabilities and the identification of exploits allows you to quickly identify the improvements to be made to your web infrastructure. You simply set up a security action plan according to your priorities: critical components, vulnerability score, level of exploitability of your vulnerabilities.

Understand the weaknesses of the application chain

By classifying your vulnerabilities and identifying exploits, you can quickly identify areas for improvement in your web infrastructure. It’s easy to set up a security action plan based on your priorities: critical components, vulnerability scores, exploitable vulnerabilities by technology.

Plan your upgrades and prioritize your actions

You plan the update of your technological components and provide all the necessary justifications for their prioritization to your management, your outsourcers, your technical teams, etc.

Manage your risks

Risk management requires strategic choices defined in your security policy. Risk management is one of the elements of our solution through the security indicators: vulnerabilities, score, exploit...

Acquit CVE (ISO 27005)

With a global view of the risks, you can subtract some vulnerabilities for technical reasons.


Schedule regular scans and get your application surface up to date


Open access rights to your collaborators and partners

Save time

Find all the indicators and recommendations on the same platform