Legal and technical compliance

Secure your legal and technical compliance

Manage your legal and technical compliance with the many indicators available

Control your compliance

Get the key indicators in the dashboards. Indicators can be used for your Information Security Management System, if you are already ISO27001 certified or if you want to comply it.
ISO 27001 | ISO 27002 | ISO 27005

Track your compliance progress

Find the key indicators in the dashboards. If you are already ISO27001 certified, or would like to become compliant, the indicators at your disposal can feed into your Information Security Management System.
ISO 27001 | ISO 27002 | ISO 27005

Easily manage user rights and accounts

The management of rights complies with a real management of accesses as recommended by ISO 27001 (SMSI): double authentication, strong password according to the recommendations of the ANSSI, a single administrator account, management of rights by type of user.

Manage your compliance

A simple and adapted answer to compliance and risk management. You have many useful indicators to evaluate and manage the risks of your web application.

Control your risks

Get per web application: the Security Score, the number and score of detected vulnerabilities, ....

Analyze the impact of a cyber attack

The risk ranking and associated rating allow you to quickly identify the impact and criticality of a new or potential attack

Implement an effective action plan

The available indicators, reports and alerting modes will help you manage your security action plan

Update your priorities

Implement your action plan and monitor your risks according to your internal priorities. Your risks will be updated with each new analysis