Control your security

Test the security of your web application and reduce the attack surface

The scanner identifies outdated technologies and critical application components that are vulnerable to attack

Identify the most important threats and prioritize your actions

The vulnerability scanner identifies the most important threats with each new scan. The threat is rated on a criticality scale from 1 to 10 (Security Score) and allows you to manage the priorities of your action plan and adapt your security policy.

Identify threats and prioritize your actions

The vulnerability detection engine identifies the most significant threats with each new scan. Threats are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (Security Score), enabling you to prioritize your action plan and adapt your security policy.

Gestion continue de l'exposition aux menaces

Monitor real and residual risk

You have many useful indicators to assess and manage risks: Security Score, number and score of detected vulnerabilities, presence of exploits, ranking by criticality and by technology.

Track your Security Score

This vulnerability rating (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) allows you to measure the risk incurred by your web application. You are automatically informed of the evolution of the Security Score with each new automatic analysis.

Present your security level

Communicate to your management, customers and partners your level of security through automated reports and labels certified by v6Protect.
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Risk identification

Threats are prioritized according to a multi-factor analysis


Prioritize your actions

Manage your security action plan with peace of mind according to your emergencies

Expertise cyber

Fix vulnerabilities

Access all applicable patches